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     Recycling Center, LLC was owned and operated in Pembroke, Ky by Ralph Combs for 20 years.  It was purchased from his daughter Rachel, in September of 2009 by myself, Kevin Covington.  I continued to operate as Ralph did, running the business while also farming and working with my brother at our family grain business.
     In the fall of 2010, Recycling Center LLC acquired Ky Waste Paper of Hopkinsville, Ky.  It was owned and managed by Terry Bullock for more than 20 years.  Both companies have developed great working relationships with local businesses and factories, handling their cardboard and paper.
     I decided there was great opportunity to expand the businesses, but I would need to take this challenge on as a full time job.  As of January 1, 2011, with the support of my new wife Kim, I am completely focused on the recycling business.
     We now have a new facility under construction at 7635 Pembroke Rd.  It will enable us to handle more materials and a larger variety, including plastics.  We are currently working with factories in Hopkinsville, Clarksville, and Pembroke, with the new location enabling us to continue serving all these areas.  The plan is to consolidate both business to the one location by June 2011.

Update November 2012.

We have had several expansions with our warehousing now up to 7000sqft and 5000sqft of concrete pad outside and continue to grow.  In 2012, the Recycling Center increased plastic sales over %400 and cardboard %25.  We purchased a Semi truck and have continued to add van trailers now up to 8 spotted at different factories.  We have added new factories in Clarksville and have expanded into Bowling Green.  As we move forward and try to define our niche and region, we look to a total program for those factories to provide an avenue for all of their recyclable material.  We have developed relationships with other companies that help us to be able to handle any size account and move our company forward.
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